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The IoTeX is a blockchain platform designed to enable efficient, secure, and scalable machine-to-machine interactions. The project has attracted significant investment from leading VC firms and crypto funds and has partnered with major companies in the IoT space. If you’re looking for IoTex’s review and the IOTX price prediction, then continue reading!

IoTeX Overview

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9,540,779,324 IOTX

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What Is IoTeX IOTX?
The IoTeX platform is a blockchain-powered Internet of Things (IoT) network. It offers a scalable, privacy-centric blockchain that enables dApps and smart devices to interact with each other in a secure and trustless manner. IoTeX is designed to power the future of the IoT by providing a decentralized, end-to-end solution for data management and exchange. With IoTeX, data is collected, stored, and processed in a decentralized way, eliminating the need for central authorities. In addition, IoTeX provides privacy-preserving mechanisms that allow users to control who has access to their data. As a result, IoTeX is an ideal platform for dApps that require scalability, privacy, and trustlessness.

IoTeX is building the next generation of the Internet of Things, the so-called Internet of Trusted Things (IoTT), where every device is connected and can interact with each other.
The IoTeX network offers scalability, privacy, and interoperability solutions for connected devices. Being an open-source blockchain protocol, IoTeX offers its own developer tools to enable the development of IOTX-powered dApps. It is also EVM-compatible, which makes it simple for Ethereum developers to port smart contracts without having to start from scratch. According to IoTeX, its blockchain processes transactions immediately and with incredibly low gas costs.

IOTX is the project’s native cryptocurrency that powers the IoTeX network. The IoTeX blockchain is a proof-of-stake system that enables users to earn rewards for their contributions to the network. The rewards are distributed based on the amount of stake that each user has in the system. IOTX holders can also vote for delegates that help to secure the network. In addition, IOTX can be used to pay transaction fees on the IoTeX network.
The company uses burn dropping to reduce the token’s total supply over time, thus maintaining the IOTX value.
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IOTX Technical Analysis

IoTeX FAQ & IOTX Price Predictions
Is IOTX crypto a good investment?
Successful launches of Pebble Tracker and UCam, IoTeX’s blockchain-powered devices, have shown that there is a huge interest in the company’s products and room for growth in this direction. The IOTX team has ambitious plans for the platform, and they are currently working on deploying a number of use cases. While the project’s long-term prospects look auspicious, it remains to be seen whether IOTX can deliver on its promises. As such, investing in IOTX crypto carries a high degree of risk. However, for those willing to take on that risk, IOTX crypto could offer significant rewards.
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Who owns IoTeX? Who is behind IoTeX?
Raullen Chai, a research scientist in cryptography, Jing Sun, a builder and investor of decentralized economy, Xinxin Fan, a technological strategist, and Qevan Guo, a research scientist, co-founded IoTeX. The Company is based in California, USA.
What is the IOTX crypto used for?
The IOTX crypto is used to incentivize participation in the ecosystem and to pay transaction fees.
How many IOTX coins are there?
The IOTX crypto’s circulating supply is 9,458,279,322 coins. 
What is the max supply of IOTX?
IOTX’s maximum supply is 10 billion coins.
What is the IOTX market cap?
As of August 2022, IOTX’s market capitalization is around $344,736,015.
Can you mine IoTeX?
No, you can not mine IOTX coins, but you can stake them instead, or you can get them in just a few clicks on Changelly’s exchange page.
What was IOTX’s maximum price to date?
In November 2021, IOTX reached its highest price of around $0.26.

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